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10 Million Steps on Route 6
A fresh look at America & Americans from Cape Cod to California

by Joe Hurley with photographs by Travis Lindhorst

ISBN #978-0-9816781-6-0

Now in its second printing!


What a fantastic read! Joe gives readers a window into the richness of the local culture.

—Sharon Runner, California State Senator, 17th District

“Everyday people, out-of-the-way places and even the land itself take center stage as veteran writer Joe Hurley invites you to accompany him on his search for the true spirit of America.”

—Pat Bywater, Editor, The Meadville (Pa.) Tribune

Hurley entertains and educates us with the wit and in-sight that made him a popular, respected newspaperman in Connecticut for more than three decades.

—Art Cummings, Editor, The News-Times, Danbury, CT

“You have to admire Joe’s perseverance and stamina walk-ing coast-to-coast along the oldest, longest and highest contiguous highway ever established in our great nation. Joe & Travis did a wonderful job documenting the adventure.”

—Russell J. Lombard,Founder and President
U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association

Welcome fellow travelers. We are about to trek ten million steps (3,600 miles) across mountains, plains and deserts—during summer’s heat and winter’s snow. Now here’s the scary part: I’ll be your guide, and I’m new at the job. So expect a few bumps along the way, but we’ll share a great adventure as we explore our nation the old-fashioned way—by foot.

So begins this limited edition 240 page book chronicalling Joe Hurley’s coast-to-coast walk along Route 6 from March through December 2004. Beautifully illustrated with more than 280 photographs by Travis Lindhorst, this quality paperback book is priced at $32.00 (plus tax). Check your local bookstore or purchase online at www.route6walk.com. To arrange speaking engagements, book signings or interviews, or to purchase signed books, contact Joe Hurley directly at 860-354-1389.

Ten Million Steps on Route 6

by Joe Hurley with photos by Travis Lindhorst

$32.00 (plus tax & shipping)

240 page full color paperback

ISBN #978-0-9816781-6-0

Ten Million Steps On Route 6: A fresh look at America & Americans from Cape Cod to California by Joe Hurley with photographs by Travis Lindhorst. ISBN 978-0-9816781-6-0 published by Arkett Publishing, a division of Arkettype, PO Box 36, Gaylordsville, CT 06755, 860-350-4007, www.arkett.com • www.local-author.com • www.route6walk.com.