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Magnificent Words To Live By

by Hamilton Brower & Annette Parker Martin

ISBN #978-0-9816781-7-7

This book is not a dictionary.

We have left the literal defining of words to those better suited to such a precise task. In these pages, we provide inspiration and motivation. How? By portraying the essence of words that are at the core of a happy existence. Through the familiarity of the rhyme and meter, we share with children the magic that exists within ordinary words. Through our interpretations, we invite adults to explore valuable character traits.

Above all, we hope to stimulate dialogue, whether about the meanings of the words or the significance of their utilization.

While the words alone may not necessarily be magnificent, the effects of incorporating them into daily life certainly can be.

Magnificent Words To Live By

by Hamilton Brower & Annette Parker Martin

$15.00 (plus tax & shipping)

40 page full color hardcover

ISBN #978-0-9816781-7-7


Full color posters featuring poems and images from "Magnificent Words To Live By" are available at $7.00 each. Posters are full color 12x18' on high quality paper.


About The Authors:

Hamilton Brower is the favorite uncle of six nephews and three nieces. He worked for many years in New York City in the advertising industry as an Account Director. Magnificent Words to Live By represents an enormous accomplishment in Hamilton’s life. Not only is this his first book written and published, but it also serves as a testament to mankind’s ability to persevere: by seeing an idea through from one’s imagination all the way to the printed and published page.

Annette Parker Martin is a happily married mother of three wonderful boys. Having held a diverse selection of jobs before and during college, she graduated with a degree in English with a concentration in writing. After college, she worked in the publishing industry before putting her career on hold to raise her sons with her husband, Jeff. Now that the boys are older and more independent, Annette has eagerly jumped back into the role of writer. This is also Annette’s first book.


More information at: www.magnificentwordstoliveby.com