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Shakespeare for Contemporary Theatre

Shakespeare for Contemporary Theatre–Volume 1

Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry V

Jane Farnol

$14.95 paperback

In “Shakespeare for Contemporary Theatre” Jane Farnol takes some of Shakespeare’s most loved plays and edits them down to suit modern needs. The cast lists are trimmed and the script is edited to focus on action while maintaining the bard's style and language. The result is a play that moves well and is accessible for theatre companies to perform.

Additionally, there is no licensing fee to perform these edited versions as long as a credit is included in show programs. Directors are free to innovate as their situation allows.

Fiction Shakespeare Script Theatre
The Dragons Mark

The Dragon’s Mark

Eclipsa Moon

$14.95 paperback

“You have been offered a spot at Tripence Academy. It is a very prestigious institution.” Selene did not know how the Academy had found her or whether she should leave the comfort of her home in the woods. Something in her told her to accept the invitation and the adventures that came with it.

The Dragon’s Mark is the first book by young author Eclipsa Moon.

Fiction Young Adult Fantasy Adventure
4,456 Miles: A Survivor's Search for Closure - Lori Ellis

4,456 Miles: A Survivor's Search for Closure

Awakening Her Daughter's Search for Understanding the Holocaust

Lori Ellis

$15.00 paperback

4,456 Miles: A Survivor's Search for Closure is a memoir in blog format that traces a family's shared journey in facing the past and celebrating the strength of family bonds throughout some of the most horrific events of our times. From curiosity to discovery to deeper understanding, Lori Klisman Ellis shares an intimate portrait of a family while also offering valuable information for creating your own journey of family discovery.

Non-Fiction Memoir Family History Holocaust Travel Geneology

The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts - Jim and Carol Steffen

The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts

How a single question a day can help you love and enjoy your spouse more for a lifetime - starting immediately

Jim & Carol Steffen

$18.97 paperback

The hard-to-believe fact—but nonetheless true—is a single question a day can help you take steps to grow infinite love that lasts, not only today but Forever and Ever and Then Some. In the story, John and Maria accept the challenge. Come join them and be surprised and delighted with them as you discover you can grow your True Love That Lasts by asking just a single question a day.

Non-Fiction Inspirational Relationships Paperback Kindle Audiobook
The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts - Jim and Carol Steffen

The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts
Habit Builder

How a single question a day can help you love and enjoy your spouse more for a lifetime - starting immediately

Jim & Carol Steffen

$9.97 workbook

The TLTL Habit Builder solves the problem of making the single question a day part of your daily habit to grow your True Love That Lasts and not break the chain. Use the Habit Builder to keep track of successes and stumbling blocks.

Non-Fiction Inspirational Relationships Paperback Habit Builder
Whats A Nice Dog Like You Doing in a Place Like This - Ruth Krebs-Pearl

What's A Nice Dog Like You Doing in a Place Like This?

Ruth Krebs-Pearl

$14.97 paperback

A memoir tribute to many of the dogs (and cats) who impacted my life and my journey of pet advocacy. All profits from this book will be donated to Pet Assistance, Inc. to benefit pets whose owners cannot afford emergency and urgent veterinary care.

The true stories in this book cover the past 49 years over which Ruth Krebs-Pearl has been involved in helping animals...She demonstrates the heart-warming progress in the treatment of animals over the years, but nevertheless, she has concerns about their future.

Non-Fiction Memoir Animal Rights

Unknown Right - Adam Halasi-Kun

The Unknown Right

A Study and Story About The 10th Lot of The North Purchase Section of New Milford, CT

Adam Halasi-Kun

$59.95 hardcover

PUBLISHED DEC. 1, 2020 - When I started my 25-year journey, the furthest thing from my mind was to do a historical study of the northern Long Mountain area of New Milford. Having just purchased 40 acres of woodlands with my wife, I simply wanted to locate it on the ground. If there had been no issues regarding this property, a simple survey would have been sufficient. But, that was not to be. Trying to reconcile conflicting marginal maps indicated that more in-depth look, an expanded research effort, was in order. Why were there so many boundary disagreements in the region? I realized very early on that, to locate the 40-acre piece on the ground would require an understanding of the boundary issues that plagued the area.

Non-Fiction Local History
Karen Mary Cherubin Halasi-Kun - Adam Halasi-Kun

Karen Mary Cherubin Halasi-Kun

A Life

Adam Halasi-Kun

$6.35 paperback

A tribute to Karen Mary Cherubin Halasi-Kun
(Dec. 27, 1949-May 21, 2016).

Non-Fiction Biography
Upper Merryall Cemetery - Adam Halasi-Kun

Upper Merryall Cemetery

A Brief History

Adam Halasi-Kun

$28.00 paperback
proceeds benefit Upper Merryall Cemetery

Upper Merryall Cemetery, located in the Merryall section of New Milford, was started in approximately 1760 as a .10-acre burial ground to address family needs. It was repeatedly enlarged during its 255 years existence to accommodate ecclesiastical society and Town desires and needs. It assumed its present configuration of 3.17 acres in 1985. This well-researched book analyses and discusses the evolution of the cemetery from early Colonial days to the present with numerous maps and drawings.

Non-Fiction Local History

Magnificent Words To Live By - Hamilton Brower & Annette Parker Martin

Magnificent Words
To Live By

Hamilton Brower &
Annette Parker Martin

$14.95 hardcover

The magic behind seemingly ordinary words is exposed and brought to light creating magnificent results. Through these entertaining and uplifting descriptions, we hope to inspire confidence and help to create a path to a happier existence. The more we comprehend the meanings of positive words and concepts in our vocabulary, the more self-confidence we are armed with to face the challenges of our world. Each poem is also coupled with a striking photograph that enhances the essence of the character trait that is being explored and provides a bright, contemporary tone for our book. The purpose of the book is also to stimulate dialogue...providing some valuable reminders of a positive and productive path in life.

Poetry Children Family Photography Inspirational Hardcover Posters
Jory's Warning - Olana Stuart with cover painting by Ken Musselman

Jory's Warning

Olana Stuart

$8.95 paperback / $2.99 kindle

A visit to her grandmother's house leads Bridget MacMurray to a faraway land. In Jory's Warning, themes of friendship, trust, and responsibility are woven through the make believe fairy realm of Tirhynna, where all is not as simple and beautiful as it appears. Bridget discovers she is stronger than she believed as she finds her way back home.

Fiction Children Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure
The Silver Slippers - Olana Stuart

The Silver Slippers

by Olana Stuart

$9.95 paperback

Taking up the story of Oz where L Frank Baum's classic story ends—Estrellita Sanders is wandering in the mountains near her home when she is summoned by the Scarecrow, the new wizard. The silver slippers have separated into the different colors of the rainbow. If they are brought back together again, the power could be used to protect or destroy the land of Oz. Stelli must find the six parts of the silver slippers before they are found by anyone else.

Fiction Children Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure

Tree of Lives - Joel Levitt

The Tree of Lives

A Journey Through Genealogy

Joel Levitt

$12.00 paperback

The Tree of Lives is the story of my immigrant ancestors and their descendants as they arrived and settled in the Golden Land. Within its pages of histories, photos, documents and family trees are wedding bandleaders and nightclub piano players, a Ballet Master and a mobster and generations of strivers from the streets of Brooklyn. This is their tale, and in many ways the tale of all immigrants, spun with a golden thread.

Non-Fiction Memoir Family History Geneology
Tales of Old New Milford vol 1 - Michael-John Cavallaro with cover by Wendell Minor

Tales of Old New Milford 1

The History, Legend & Lore of a Connecticut Frontier Town

Michael-John Cavallaro
with cover by Wendell Minor

$20.00 paperback

Thoroughly researched, this insightful and entertaining tribute to the first settlers and Proprietors who inhabited the early frontier that became New Milford. From its humble beginnings as Weantinock Plantation to the town acquisition of The North Purchase, the stories of land speculators and the early forays into Colonial capitalism are presented in a way that has never been examined before. The book also examines New Milford's primary ancient legends and folk tales. From the iconic first girl child, Sarah Noble, who arrived upon the frontier in 1707, to the legend of Princess Lillinonah and the story of Tories Cave, each legend is carefully examined and lovingly told in a new light that only modern research can finally reveal.

Non-Fiction Local History
Tales of Old New Milford vol 2 - Michael-John Cavallaro with cover by Wendell Minor

Tales of Old New Milford 2

Slavery, Crime and Punishment on the Connecticut Frontier

Michael-John Cavallaro
with cover by Wendell Minor

$20.00 paperback

In this, Michael-John Cavallaro's second book, the author returns to the Connecticut frontier with a wild ride through the dark side of colonial history. From the enslavement of the Native Americans to the introduction of African American slaves in the early eighteenth century, the story of Connecticut's earliest plantations is examined and exposed, shedding a new light on this tragic chapter of state and local history.

Also examined is the history of the nation's first detention facility, Newgate Prison, from the dark day that it opened to the day of its final demise and the truth of America's reputed first mass murder. Crime, punishment, mystery and intrigue abound in the briskly paced and exciting narrative.

Non-Fiction Local History

A Look At African-American Governors - Frances L Smith

A Look At African-American Governors

Frances L. Smith
with illustrations by Zach Osborn

$8.18 paperback

In A Look At African-American Governors, Frances L. Smith explores a lesser known aspect of Colonial New England society and culture. Through her experience researching local histories, the reader gets to know some of the characters and controversies from pre-Civil War America. Students and educators will find the appendices helpful for research and lovers of history will find many interesting facts worthy of further reading. Frances Smith's easy-to-understand, conversational writing, combined with attractive illustrations by Zach Osborn, provides an intriguing glimpse into this unique tradition.

Non-Fiction Local History
The Black Holocaust of American Slavery and the Underground Railroad - Frances L Smith

The Black Holocaust of American Slavery and the Underground Railroad

Frances L. Smith
with illustrations by Zach Osborn

$13.97 paperback with full color illustrations

Frances L. Smith provides a fresh look at the history of slavery in America and a historical review of the Underground Railroad. With specific references to New Milford, Connecticut, she provides a more personal understanding of the struggles and suffering people faced through the black holocaust of American slavery, and those who fought for freedom. The beautiful, full-color illustrations from Zach Osborn, along with additional reference photos, help further the reader's understanding.

Non-Fiction Local History
Why Cant I Talk About Slavery - Frances L Smith

Why Can't I Talk About Slavery?

Frances L. Smith
with illustrations by Zach Osborn

$8.68 paperback

This collection of stories from survivors of American slavery, curated by Frances L. Smith, brings history to life painting a picture of the everyday life of slaves from their own perspectives. Extensive research and careful choosing of recollections give the reader a clearer understanding of the real life circumstances of the average African in bondage. A perfect blend of heartbreaking and humorous stories that are updated for the modern reader while maintaining the true voice of the people who are interviewed, this book is charming and thought provoking.

Non-Fiction History

Where Have All The Front Porches - Frances L Smith

Where Have All The Front Porches Gone?

Frances L. Smith

$7.89 paperback

Well-known local historian Frances L. Smith steps back to look at how our physical world impacts our relationships and our community. In this inspirational guide to relating to one another in our hectic modern world, Frances Smith guides the reader to a greater understanding of the self and the community and offers suggestions for further reading and exploration.

Non-Fiction Memoir
Ten Million Steps on Route 6 - Joe Hurley with photos by Travis Lindhorst

Ten Million Steps on Route 6

Joe Hurley
with photos by Travis Lindhorst


2nd Edition—240 page full color paperback

Welcome fellow travelers. We are about to trek ten million steps (3,600 miles) across mountains, plains and deserts - during summer's heat and winter's snow. Now here's the scary part: I'll be your guide, and I'm new at the job. So expect a few bumps along the way, but we'll share a great adventure as we explore our nation the old-fashioned way - by foot.

So begins this limited edition 240 page book chronicalling Joe Hurley's coast-to-coast walk along Route 6 from March through December 2004. Beautifully illustrated with more than 280 photographs by Travis Lindhorst, this quality paperback book is priced at $32.00 (plus tax). To arrange speaking engagements, book signings or interviews, or to purchase signed books, contact Joe Hurley directly at 860-354-1389.

Non-Fiction Travel Short Story Photography
New England Antics - Matt Daley

New England Antics - Vol. 1

Matt Daley

no longer in print

Non-Fiction Memoir Short Stories Comedy

Sumner -  Ernest B Barker


with Girls, Guns and Airoplanes (Not necessarily in that order)

Ernest B. Barker

$15.95 paperback / $2.99 kindle

216 page paperback

A young Bostonian from a wealthy industrial family, searches for his way in life and love. Start with a boy's natural attraction to girls. Add the excitement of war that has stirred nearly every generation to action. Mix in the new technology of airplanes. Take all these - girls and sex, guns and war, airplanes and flying - and follow a young man's journey to adulthood to see if and where he might land.

Fiction Historical Adventure
Brutal Kill - Jace Trebla

Brutal Kill: A Rogue Enemy

Jace Trebla

$12.85 paperback

They never expected it to happen. When Daryl and Bryce were walking home, they found their parents missing from their houses. When they find out that their parents were kidnapped, the two brothers will go to any length to save their parents and stop the criminal who took them. The kidnapper isn't the only enemy. Along the way, they meet enemies worse than the kidnapper. They face choices harder than any other, they witness events more terrifying than anything they've ever seen, and they'll be involved in battles that could affect their entire lives.

Fiction Children Young Teen Fantasy
The Frank Wargo Story - Paul Baker

The Frank Wargo Story

A Rotarians Ventures & Adventures

Paul Baker

$10.00 paperback
Proceeds benefit Rotary’s Eye Health Program

his book is dedicated to the 1.2 million members in the 34,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide who have long been devoted to the Rotary motto, Service Above Self. It is also dedicated to the Wargo family. Without their support and encouragement, Frank's missions could not have been possible. The story begins long before his humanitarian trips to the impoverished corners of six continents. This book chronicals Frank's early life through to the present and his many journeys along the way. Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit Rotary's eye health program.

Non-Fiction Biography Travel

Jane Farnol

Jane Farnol

Jane Farnol was born in England and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Elmhurst Ballet School. At RADA, she developed an abiding love of Shakespeare under the tutelage of octogenarian Miss Nell Carter. Her New York acting credits include Teresa in Brendan Behan’s The Hostage at the Sheridan Square Playhouse, the Chorus in The Trojan Women directed by Theodore Mann at Circle in the Square, and Ann in the Broadway production of Hail Scrawdyke! directed by Alan Arkin. At the American Shakespeare Festival Theatre in Stratford, Connecticut, her roles ranged from Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream playing opposite to and directed by Cyril Ritchard, to Lady Macbeth in Macbeth directed by John Houseman. On television, Jane had running roles on The Guiding Light and As The World Turns. Jane’s movie The Colonial Naturalist is shown as a permanent feature at Colonial Williamsburg. At WCBS Radio, Jane was Dave Garroway’s assistant and Executive Director of Lee Theodore’s American Dance Machine. Since moving to Connecticut Jane has directed over thirty-five plays in eighteen years at various venues.

Eclipsa Moon

Eclipsa Moon

Eclipsa Moon was born and raised in New Milford, Connecticut, where she currently lives with her parents. A full-time student, she spends her free time reading, painting, and playing RPG games. Through these games, she discovered her love for writing and was inspired to write “The Dragon’s Mark”. You can follow her and keep up with her future works on Instagram @eclipsa.moon_

Lori Ellis

Lori Klisman Ellis

Lori Klisman Ellis was born in Detroit and currently resides in West Bloomfield, Michigan. She holds a master's degree in speech and language pathology and worked in two school districts for 36 years before retiring. Lori's passion for genealogy research has led her to write books on her family and retrace her family's roots. She has also co-authored Laughing While Learning, All Kidding Aside, and Comprehensive Communication Profile, a speech and language assessment. Lori and her husband Jeff have two beautiful children, Michelle and Joshua. Lori and Jeff enjoy traveling, exercising, and spending time with their family and friends.

Jim and Carol Steffen

Jim & Carol Steffen

R. James (Jim) Steffen spent the early part of his life earning four degrees: Philosophy, Theology, Mathematics and Educational Psychology. As President of SSA International, Dr. Jim became an internationally known speaker, consultant, and trainer. His company and management programs helped many clients - including leaders in 160 Fortune 500 Companies - get the most from their time and career. He summarized these discoveries and insights in his international best seller: Aligned Thinking: Make Every Moment Count. It was translated into seven languages. But something was still missing: how to get the most from life and love itself.

It was only when he met and married his co-author, Carol Steffen that he learned from her how "life can be better than a dream come true." She also helped him realize that True Love That Lasts can be Forever and Ever and Then Some, indicating that it can last even into the next life. As married partners for thirty-three plus years, they have teamed up to share with you how the simplicity of a single question a day can help you discover and implement...The Secret of Growing True Love That Lasts.

Adam Halasi-Kun

Adam Halasi-Kun

Adam Halasi-Kun was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1943 and emigrated to the United states in 1952. Son of a well-published Orientalist and historian, he inherited his father's interest in history. This interest encouraged him to look at the history of his surrounding community of New Milford and especially Merryall. His fascination with old maps, communities, buildings, and folklore fostered his interest in cemeteries. In looking at Upper Merryall Cemetery's history, he realized there were gaps in ownership and conveyances. This inspired his books on Upper Merryall Cemetery and The Unknown Right. Adam is currently the Sexton for the Upper Merryall Cemetery.

Ruth Krebs-Pearl

Ruth Krebs-Pearl

Ruth Krebs-Pearl was born and grew up in Newark, New Jersey. She lived in New Rochelle, New York for twenty-four years, where she raised her three children and got involved in humane work. In 1990, she moved to New Milford, Connecticut and has no intention of ever leaving. She lives with two dogs, two horses, and a barn cat. In 1973, she co-founded Pet Assistance, Inc. with a friend. Helping people in financial need with their pets has been her passion ever since. Over the years, Ruth Krebs-Pearl has written many essays and op-ed pieces for local newspapers, most of them regarding animals. What's a Nice Dog Like You Doing in a Place Like This? is her first book.

Frances L Smith

Frances L. Smith

Frances L. Smith has lived in New Milford, CT for more than 32 years. An independent historian, she is a research genealogist and member of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. She has served as President for Black Families of New Milford and as a member of the New Milford Historical Society, Litchfield Historical Society, and Brookfield Historical Society and has been a curator and lecturer. She is the author of several books of history and poetry and is a Connecticut Outstanding Woman of the Year for her humanitarian work. She has served on the board for the Visiting Nurse Association of New Milford, New Milford Board of Education, Mid-Western Council on Alcoholism, and Commission on Child Abuse. Her poetry is listed in the Editor's Choice Awards for outstanding achievement in poetry presented by the National Library of Poetry in 1998. Other books by Francis L. Smith include a poetry book entitled Quiet Moments and history books Images of America - New Milford and The Underground Railroad.

Joe Hurley

Joe Hurley

Photo: Michael Duffy, Danbury News-Times

With a Studs Terkel-like curiosity about fellow Americans and a Mark Twain-ish sense of humor, Joe Hurley and his camera-wielding travel companion, Travis Lindhorst have created a beautiful, poignant, and surprisingly engaging portrait of Authentic America. --Travel Writer, Malerie Yolen-Cohen

Hamilton Brower and Annette Parker-Martin

Hamilton Brower & Annette Parker-Martin

Hamilton Brower is the favorite uncle of six nephews and three nieces. He worked for many years in New York City in the advertising industry as an Account Director. "Magnificent Words to Live By" represents an enormous accomplishment in Hamilton's life. Not only is this his first book written and published, but it also serves as a testament to mankind's ability to persevere: by seeing an idea through from one's imagination all the way to the printed and published page.
Annette Parker Martin is a happily married mother of three wonderful boys. Having held a diverse selection of jobs before and during college, she graduated with a degree in English with a concentration in writing. After college, she worked in the publishing industry before putting her career on hold to raise her sons with her husband, Jeff. Now that the boys are older and more independent, Annette has eagerly jumped back into the role of writer. This is also Annette's first book.

Olana Stuart

Olana Stuart

A young author with a passion for inspiring creativity, Olana has given numerous talks about writing and reading to large and small groups of students from 6 to 16 years old. Beginning with her own journey to publishing, she encourages young authors to dare to write and share their stories. Please contact Arkett Publishing to schedule an author's talk for your school or group.

Joel Levitt

Joel Levitt

Joel Levitt was born and raised in Brooklyn and has lived in Connecticut for 40 years. For three-quarters of that time, he was a district-wide arts administrator for both the Plainfield, CT and Danbury, CT school systems. His essays, articles, short humor, light verse, etc. have been published in over two-dozen local and national publications, including The New York Times, The (Danbury) News-Times, Reader's Digest, Catholic Digest, Forward, Twilight Zone Magazine, Dog Fancy, and Cats Magazine. Levitt has published an online weekly humor blog, "Levitty" and is currently working on several plays.

Michael-John Cavallaro

Michael-John Cavallaro

Michael-John was an avid historian and conservationist. He served on the New Milford Conservation Commission and was a former trustee of the New Milford Hisotrical Society. Among his many recognitions, he has been awarded Outstanding Achievement for Environmental Awareness from DAR and American Heritage, Agnes Knowles Award for Outstanding Communty Service, and Town of New Milford Lifetime Achievement Award. Proceeds from the sale of his books will be donated to the New Milford Historical Society.

Ernest B Barker

Ernest B. Barker

Mr. Barker's first two novels were based on family letters saved while cleaning out the family homestead. That find resulted in his novels concerning the Civil War experiences of Frederick Lucas, of Goshen, CT. Fred and Jennie, a Civil War Love Story and his second book Dear Mother from Your Dutiful Son were enjoyed by hundreds throughout Connecticut and across the country.

Mr. Barker has shifted war interests in this new novel Sumner. After receiving a collection of World War I era photographs of long forgotten relatives, Ernie felt free to construct his version of their history and involvement in the war to end all wars.

Jace Trebla

Jace Trebla

Jace is a young author who enjoys fantasy fiction. "Brutal Kill" is his first published book. He hopes to publish more books in the future.

Paul Baker

Paul Baker

Paul was an author who penned biographies of some of the most prominent leaders in Connecticut. He was known as "the voice of Danbury" and is remembered for his commitment to the community. All proceeds from his book "The Frank Wargo Story" will be donated to the Rotary eye program.

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