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Escape To The Confederacy
by John Thorp

$30.00 (plus tax & shipping)

ISBN #978-0-9816781-4-6

What if the South won the Civil War? Escape To The Confederacy is a 180,000-word alternate history following an African American family struggling to protect the freedoms for which their ancestors sacrificed so much.

Gene Robinson’s family has lived north of the Mason-Dixon line since his great-grandparents escaped bondage in antebellum Georgia. For the last three generations, his family has lived in Brooklyn, NY. After the armistice that created the two Americas—the United States and Confederate States—his great-grandparents must have believed that their brave actions secured freedom for their posterity as well as themselves. But things don’t always work out the way we might think.

Having fought for their independence, The Confederacy eventually abolishes slavery. More than that, they become a place where individual liberty thrives. Meanwhile, the Union has slipped farther away from its founding principles. It has drifted so far down the road of tyranny that freedom of speech is for all intents and purposes gone. Even a person’s right to move about freely is severely restricted—and leaving the country is out of the question.

Gene accepts his lot with resignation, as do most in the Union. Slowly, and quite by accident, he begins to question life in the modern USA, and how different it has become from its origins. He does little more than wonder with sadness about these things, until events compel him to act. When his older son’s fiancée is given a mandatory assignment hundreds of miles from home, the young couple decides to run away together.

Gene begins helping his children. Soon, other events bring Gene to the realization that the good of his entire family is at stake. In order to protect the freedom his family secured by escaping to the North
so many years ago, he must now escape from the North to the South.

Several twists and turns help Gene and his family to truly appreciate the value of family and freedom. And, along the way, they learn that individualism doesn’t mean never needing help from others.

Escape To The Confederacy is a fable about the importance of family and the value of freedom. It is set in an Orwellian world that shows how badly out of control an all-consuming nanny state can spin when people sell their liberty for cradle-to-grave comfort. It is a story for anyone who’s ever wondered: What if … ?

Escape To The Confederacy by John Thorp is available on demand by Arkett Publishing, a division of Arkettype, PO Box 36, Gaylordsville, CT 06755, 860-350-4007, www.arkett.com, Historical Fiction, $30.00 (+ tax & shipping). Quantity discounts available. © Copyright 2011 John Thorp (JohnThorp@local-author.com). ISBN 978-0-9816781-4-6